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The bulk of my livelihood these days is commercial and advertising still and motion pictures, I feature examples of those images on

This particular site is a collection of galleries and images of women spanning 28 years. A subject for what I am probably best known. It is created for the connoisseur and those who appreciate images of beautiful women as an art form. There is no pornography here. That crowd will find this site disappointing. Although there is plenty of female nudity here it is not about nudity, it is about beauty.

These images range in nature from fine art to pinup. Some were digitally created, some darkroom printed and hand colored the old fashion way. Some are independently produced "Playboy style" sets or the edits of other popular men's magazines. Respect for copyright laws prevents me from displaying any images that I shot as a work for hire for Playboy, however I continue to produce independently new sets of a similar style and many can be seen on this site...I will be featuring new talent on an ongoing basis as I continue to discover new models. Some of these models are available for booking to suitable and reputable clients and publications.

For the photographers who are interested, I talk a little about what went into creating the images as well. I also plan to add behind the scenes images and videos...along with what it takes to keep on the cutting edge of technology these days. This is a free site, one that I will add to as my busy schedule permits.

At the moment the collection is but a fraction of the body of work that I have created over the years. As I add new sets and new models to the site I will be notifying publishers and clients as the site can also serve as a resource for beautiful models. It has been my pleasure and good fortune to have photographed hundreds of beautiful women, it is here that I will share my good fortune. Also feel free to give me a call or email at the contact info profided...

I can make a centerfold out of you, your wife girlfriend, call it pinup photography, boudoir, erotic... call for quotes. Makes the best gift your significant other will ever get.

Thanks for visting.....and I sincerely hope you enjoy my images..


This site contains nudity

I personally don't care how old you are as I have yet to figure how the site of a nude woman, created by God can hurt anyone, but much of society does not agree with my position. So for your mothers sake, for your congressman's sake, if you are under eighteen, I am telling you now that this site is for people 18 or over. In addition if you feel the sight of a picture of a nude woman, may incite you to lose control, rape, molest, judge, condemn, harass or stalk or incite you to commit any other sin or crime, then please leave now. Otherwise......


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